Interior & furniture

Sanbancho Apartment
The theme of this residence is to bring ordinary daily life into a gallery displaying many pieces of art and craftwork collected over many years.

Emotional attachment to these memorable pieces through the experiences of travelling over 50 countries will become deeper as time passes.
The combination of the niche on the wall to display selected pieces and the shelves to change displays freely are installed. This combination and the originally designed furniture produce an individually unique space in each room.

To let the materials such as steel, glass, wood, stone and tile exhibit their presence and elegance, the characteristic of each material is maximized through the design details.

Memorable pieces and arts deeply attaching into daily life give emotional richness; to provide joy and excitement such as this is what we believe is the origin of a residence.
□USE/ Residential Complex
□SITE LOCATION/ Chiyoda City, Tokyo
□COMPLETION/ October, 2005
□STRUCTURE/ Reinforced Concrete Structure
□TYPE/ Renovation for the Unit on the 12th Floor
□Unit Size/ 188.48㎡