Public & Commercial

The neighborhood of Azabu, said to have been lined with samurai mansions in the Edo era (since AD 1600 AD), has a long history and venerable culture.
Responding to this townscape, we imagined a building of sustainable presence, and designed a simple facade with a sense of depth by using exposed concrete.
In addition, there is a three story atrium facing the glass curtain wall along the road, and by showing displays we believe it provides a rich expression to the street.

In consideration of the surrounding quiet residential environment, we planned an underground basement which allowed us to limit the building height to two floors above ground.
The basement floor area accounts for approximately 40% of the total building area.
Through the 3 story atrium and skylight, the basement space has a natural environment flowing with light and air, creating a comfortable space unlike a typical below ground level.

In the office space of the first and second floor, the perforated aluminum panel installed at the glass surface is provided the function to bring natural light and breeze in as well as to control the view from outside. By installing the panel is also on the ceiling, it produces the vibrant space with the balanced light and ventilation system.

Additionally, we have adopted an earth tube system in consideration of environmental impact.
There are tubes approximately 40 meters deep buried in the soil under the building foundation.
Outside air from above ground passes through the tubes, where it exchanges heat with the more stable temperature of the soil. Furthermore, passing through a humidity control compartment allows for temperature and humidity balanced air to be provided to all rooms.
According to measurement data, this contributes to the reduction of the air-conditioning load about 5 ℃ on average per year (up to 12 ℃).
During the interim periods (when the outside air temperature is about 20 ℃) the outside air is directly fed to the floor of the basement, and the air that flows into the three story atrium creates a system to provide natural air to each floor.

As for the material, the staircase is made of solid blocks of Oya stone (Japanese volcanic stone).
As a material that becomes etched with “time” as it gradually weathers over the years, it provides the building with a strong presence.
□USE/ Office
□SITE LOCATION/ Minato City, Tokyo
□COMPLETION/ March, 2014
□STRUCTURE/ Reinforced Concrete Structure
□SIZE/ 3 Stories (1 basement floor, 2 ground floor)
□LAND AREA/213.90㎡