Public & Commercial

S Clinic + Residence
This building is located on a corner site of a quiet residential neighborhood, the north side of the site faces on a park.
The clinic is occupies the 1st and 2nd floor, and the owner resides on the 3rd and 4th floor.

The exterior is gradually set back by height to avoid the building giving a feeling of oppression to the neighborhood.
Four outdoor spaces created by the setback are designed as terraces, and it produces an expansive residential space by connecting with the inside.

This is a dermatology and plastic surgery clinic.
The interior base is white color with accent colors spreading throughout, giving an image of brightness and cleanliness.
The treatment rooms where patients stay for long periods of time provide a psychologically secure atmosphere. Indirect lighting is on the ceiling, as this is where patients mostly look at while they are treated. In addition, the soft green colored glass mosaic tiled ceiling helps in giving patients a feeling of relaxation.

On the other hand, the residential part is designed to be spacious and open by continuously connecting all rooms to the outside terrace.
The materials and colors of the marble, brick tiles, glass mosaic tiles, stucco painting are combined and balanced nicely; this combination creates colorful gaiety in the residential space.
□USE/ Clinic + Residence
□SITE LOCATION/ Setagaya City, Tokyo
□COMPLETION/ March, 1997
□STRUCTURE/ Reinforced Concrete Structure
□SIZE/ 4 Stories
□LAND AREA/ 314.04㎡
□BULDING AREA/ 195.42㎡