Interior & furniture

I was attracted to Japanese tatami when I resided in Italy, and my mind strongly connected with it since then.
Tatami has its own unique texture and quality.
As I had thoughts to implement this texture and quality to furniture, by chance I was requested to exhibit in a furniture exhibition for architects.

A Ryukyu (Okinawa Style) tatami mat (half-size of normal tatami mat) with no edging is held by an aluminum framed structure.
Aluminum has light weight, is strong, and easy to use.

One TATAMA could be used as a “seating MA” (MA meaning “space” in Japanese), and two TATAMA could be used as a “sleeping MA.”

It is easily movable with caster wheels, allowing for various ways of uses.
Although it is furniture, it is named TATAMA because it creates “MA” as a space.

Approximately 97% of rush grass farms are in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, and most of them are in the Yatsushiro area.
Yatsushiro has a long history and experience related to rush grass, and the people in the rush grass farms continuously conduct research and challenge further development of the rush grass industry.
I am pursuing the possibilities of new TATAMA ideas through collaboration with these people, hoping to deliver new products globally.
□Material/ Surface: Fiberboard base covered with Ryukyu tatami mat
Back: Aluminum rounded bar covered with Ryukyu tatami sheet on urethane foam
Metal Frame: Aluminum rounded bar and aluminum plate finish

□Exhibition/ The 3rd “Chair Exhibition by Japanese Architects,” September, 1996