Villa in Lake Kawaguchi
This is a vacation house for a couple and their beloved cat, located in a vacation residence area 15km southwest of Lake Kawaguchi.
The Japanese Alps with Mt. Kita to the north of the site creates a spectacular view, and Mt. Fuji is visible between the trees to south side of the site.
The main concept of this house is to take these gorgeous views into the house.
Each room is oriented to face north or south in plan, with a three story section accentuating the uniqueness of the site sloping from west to east.
This allows all rooms to be located on the ground floor level to view a different landscape from the window of each room.

Four stairs connect these rooms.
These stairs are not only for going up and down, but also provide space to stay and sit down. Windows facing the stairs bring varied natural light, as well as views transforming with the movement of the sun.

In addition, furniture located throughout the rooms consists of items collected from over the years.
The client wanted to make use of an inherited chest of drawers and old “kura”door that had been sleeping in storage for years. In accordance with this wish and by placing the furniture reborn by a craftsman in the house, we were able to revive the memory of his ancestors.

There is a long-established Japanese style inn in Kyoto called Tawaraya Ryokan.
It is the owner’s favorite inn, and we still have a fresh and unforgettable memory of when we visited together and observed the inn atmosphere.
This atmosphere now remains in the house, and I anticipate that it will mature and grow deeper over time.
□USE/ Residential
□SITE LOCATION/ Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi
□COMPLETION/ April, 2016
□STRUCTURE/ Timber Frame Construction Method
□SIZE/ 2 Stories (Structurally 3 Stories)
□LAND AREA/ 1,013.93㎡