House in Karuizawa
This site faces the Yagasaki river in Kyukaruizawa, surrounded by a quiet area with the murmur of the river and tree grove.

The oval shape entrance plaza designed along the front road of the site welcomes guests, and the horizontal line of the building façade emphasizes an extended silhouette.

The tile exterior conveys a closed expression to outside, however, it also has an open expression by bringing in natural light to inside by two courtyards behind the exterior wall.

On the river side, a spacious garden is revealed with preserved trees and newly planted moss. The panorama view is enjoyable from windows in each room that face the garden.

The curved shed roof gently covers the rooms.
The edge of the roof traces the outline of the building, and by the Nokisaki eaves, producing a unique Japanese space.

The appearance of the guesthouse produces the spacious expression of both inside and outside of the building, inheriting Karuizawa’s unique way for passing time and quality sophistication.
□LOCATION/Karuizawa-machi, Nagano
□COMPLETION/February, 2016
□STRUCTURE/Timber Frame Construction Method
□SIZE/1 Story
□SITE AREA/1,698.19㎡